Watchout is a civic group that pushes for transparency in governance

Watchout (沃草) is a civic group which gathers information and creates reports regarding social issues, asks questions of politicians regarding promient social issues, and compiles information about their answers, sometimes creating infographics for ease of displaying information. As such, Watchout generally pushes for transparency in government.

Watchout’s mascot, Ah-Cao (阿草). Photo credit: Watchout/Facebook

Watchout saw later controversy over embezzlement of 7 million NT in funds by its CEO, Liulin Wei ((柳林瑋), and seeing internal reform under Lin Zuyi (林祖儀) to realize accountability in how the group manages funds, with total transparency for all expenses posted online. Watchout has strong roots in PTT, Lin having been a spokesman for Citizen 1985, a leader of the Appendectomy Project, and editor-in-chief of a PTT board.


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Photo credit: Watchout/Facebook