Distrust Of ROC Institutions By Activists

Distrust Of ROC Institutions By Activists

Given the actions of ROC state institutions during the Sunflower Movement, it may not be too surprising as to why Taiwanese youth activists distrust the ROC state

Distrust of ROC institutions by Taiwanese activists is not so surprising in consideration of how government bureaus did not act impartially during the Sunflower Movement but acted to try and discredit activists, acting on behalf of the Ma administration. Such institutions included not just the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Finance. and other institutions directly involved in the CSSTA negotiating process, but with the Council of Indigenous Affairs instructing indigenous not to spread false or misleading information about the CSSTA, and rumors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordering overseas offices to question Taiwanese students who had participated in solidarity demonstrations for the Sunflower Movement.

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Consequently, it may not be too surprising that Taiwanese youth activists are skeptical about the full democratization of Taiwan, if sections of government remained in control of the Ma administration and KMT to the extent that they would act as its apologists, even when this infringed upon freedom of speech or freedom of assembly. The ROC state is oftentimes not seen by Taiwanese youth activists as a neutral entity, which switches between political parties depending on who is in power, but as something which favors the KMT.


Photo credit: Toomore Chiang/Flickr/CC