People’s Assemblies

People’s Assemblies

“People’s Assemblies” began to be held near the end of the movement for the people to discuss the CSSTA and participate in making political decisions in a grassroots manner

Perhaps in line with the aspirations of the Sunflower Movement towards radical democracy, or even direct democracy, a la calls for referendum reform, “People’s Assemblies” (人民會議) began to be held near the end of the movement as a means for discussing the CSSTA and related issues and for the people to participate in making policy decisions in a grassroots manner.

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Apart from being reminiscent of the general assemblies of the Occupy Movement, in line with the leftist sympathies of many movement participants, with the apparent impasse of Taiwanese representative democracy through elected legislative representation, so was the attempt made to move towards general assemblies as a form of direct democracy. This was probably also a response to criticisms of the leadership of the Sunflower Movement for lack of internal democracy and lack of transparency within the movement, as well.


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