Occupation Map

Occupation Map

An interactive map of the Legislative Yuan interior during the Sunflower Movement and the occupation encampment surrounding the Legislative Yuan

Overhead View Of Occupation Encampment

The following is an overhead map of the occupation encampment surrounding the Legislative Yuan during the Sunflower Movement. Apart from border markings designating the encampment, as well as the border limits of the 330 mass mobilization which brought 500,000 onto the streets of Taipei, the location of participating groups in the encampment, features of the occupation such as the location of supply stacks, medical locations, the library, rest areas, stages, soapbox discussion areas, the locations of significant events that took place during the movement, and landmarks are marked on the map.

Be sure to expand the subheadings underneath the various features of the subheading to see in more detail what was located in the encampment. Zoom out to see features of the occupation which were not located directly by the Legislative Yuan.



For the duration of the occupation of the Legislative Yuan during the Sunflower Movement, the only entrance in and out of the Legislative Yuan was through a ladder from outside which led to the second floor of the Legislative Yuan’s legislative chambers. From there, occupiers would have to descend a set of stairs to enter the main legislative chambers. While there are normally eight entrances in and out of the legislative chambers, these had to be blocked at all times with barricades in order to prevent police from entering to force occupiers out.

Consequently, lighting within the Legislative Yuan was always on, there was poor ventilation, and there were difficulties with sanitation given so many people within the legislative chambers but only one bathroom, which did not have a shower. In general, conditions within the Legislative Yuan were quite inhospitable to occupiers. The following diagram is not exact to scale.

Photo Sphere of Legislative Yuan

In order to preserve the movement’s occupation for posterity, occupiers submitted a photo sphere to Google Views, where it remains visible to anyone which wants to get a sense of what the occupation within the Legislative Yuan was like during the Sunflower Movement. Some have dubbed this the first political moment frozen in time on Google Views.


Photo credit: 綠魚/Flickr/CC