A sourcebook of primary and secondary sources used in the Daybreak Project

The following is a list of secondary sources consulted through the course of this project and a general database on sources on the Sunflower Movement, along with comments on each.


  • 318 Zhanling lifayuan: Kanjian xiwang shidai 318佔領立法院:看見希望世代. Liu Dinggang 劉定綱. Kiwi Fruits Studio 奇異果文創事業有限公司, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Account of the Sunflower Movement summarizing it and featuring perspectives from a large number of scholars and intellectuals, including noted social movement scholar Ho Ming-Sho (何明修), the author Ping Lu (平路), and others. In all likelihood, the first book published about the Sunflower Movement, coming out on April 16th, a mere 6 days after the withdrawal from the Legislative Yuan, a testament to the incredible speed of the Taiwanese publishing industry


  • Achilles Zhao 趙思樂. Tamen de zhengtu: Zhiji, yuhui yu chongzhuang, zhongguo nuxing de gongmin juexing zhi lu 她們的征途:直擊、迂迴與衝撞,中國女性的公民覺醒之路. Gūsa Publishing, New Taipei City (2017). Print.

    Journalistic accounts of Chinese women who are participant in the Chinese democracy movement. Includes one chapter detailing a Chinese observer of the Sunflower and Umbrella Movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the Chinese NGO worker Kou Yanding (寇延丁). Kou was inspired by nonviolent resistance in Taiwan and saw this as inspirational for the Chinese democracy movement, but was later arrested after returning to China after organizing a workshop regarding this.


  • Brick 磚刊. Vol 2. Wolong 29 臥龍二九: Taipei (2014). Print.

    Brick (磚刊) is an independent publication produced by Wolong 29, an experimental student space. Vol 2 was produced in June 2014, the same year of the Sunflower Movement, and so was produced as a special edition with an insert on the background of the movement, what took place during the movement. Other issues have also focused on contemporary Taiwanese social movements, such as focus on efforts to preserve historical structures in issue 7, printed in 2016. Every issue has a different editor.


  • Baomin 暴民. Dir. Zhou Shi-lun. 周世倫. Taiwan Duli Sales. 2016. Documentary film.


  • Chen Ling 陳玲. Dangqian xingshi xia de taiwan xue yun yanjiu 當前形勢下的臺灣學運研究. Shi ying chuban she 時英出版社, Taipei (2015). Print.

    An unusual book, as a sharply pan-Blue take on the Sunflower Movement, Chen’s book nonetheless is valuable as an entry point into the KMT’s views of the Sunflower Movement and what KMT responses to the movement were. Chen professes sympathy for the students, but sometimes ventures into conspiratorial views.


  • Chen Yufeng 陳玉峯, Chen Yuexia 陳月霞. Minguo fei he yuan nian: Fei si he, qing he fei, huandao jieli xingjiao 民國廢核元年:廢四核、清核廢,環島接力行腳. Qianwei 前衛, Taipei (2013). Print.

    Account of the contemporary Taiwanese anti-nuclear movement immediately following the Fukushima disaster, preceding the Sunflower Movement, including arguments against nuclear energy.


  • Chen Zhanwen 陳長文 and Luo Zhiqiang 羅智強. Shou fu de shenlong: Taiyang hua xue yun hou de minzhu fansi 受縛的神龍:太陽花學運後的民主反思. Book Zone 天下文化, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Series of reflections on democracy inspired by the Sunflower Movement. Not very informative about the movement itself.


  • Chuang Tyng-Ruey 莊庭瑞. Remembrance of Contemporary Events: On Setting Up The Sunflower Movement Archive. Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. <>. Online.

    Online archive and catalogue of artworks and images collected from the Sunflower Movement, online since 2015, and available under Creative Commons, as compiled by Academia Sinica. The archive is visible at, although the physical archive has since been moved to the National Museum of Taiwan History.


  • Chuang Tyng-Ruey 莊庭瑞, Wong Jia-xun 王家薰, and Li Chen-zhen 李承錱. Online Archive of Websites used During the Sunflower Movement. Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. <>, <>, <>. Online.

    Preserved Internet archive of websites used during the Sunflower Movement, particularly by g0v, as compiled by a team at Academia Sinica.


  • Cole, J. Michael. Black Island: Two Years of Activism in Taiwan. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2015). Print.

    Collection of writings, analysis, and firsthand reportage by noted Taiwan-based reporter J. Michael Cole in the years leading up to the Sunflower Movement. Was later translated into Chinese.


  • Cole, J. Michael. Unofficially Official: Confessions of a Journalist in TaiwanCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2015). Print.

    Autobiographical account by J. Michael Cole of the history which led him to Taiwan, including the same period of time covered in Black Island. See a two-part interview conducted by Brian Hioe with Cole around the time of its publication here. 


  • Cong women de yanjiang kanjian daoyu tianguang: Taiyang hua yundong, wo lai, wo kanjian 從我們的眼睛看見島嶼天光:太陽花運動,我來,我看見. Route Culture 有鹿文化, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Contains the personal views of high-profile social figures on the Sunflower Movement, such as director Ko I-Zheng (柯一正), Fan Yun (范雲), and Xiao Ye (小野).


  • Daoguo guan jian zi: Shuyu women zhege shidai, zhege shidai de taiwan shehui li fenxi 島國關賤字:屬於我們這個世代、這個時代的台灣社會力分析. Edited by Ding Yungong丁允恭. Rive Gauche Publishing House, Taipei (2017). Print.

    A series of essays inspired by common slang terms among Taiwanese youth activists, such as “22K” or “White Dolphin.” Includes essays by Lin Fei-Fan (林飛帆), Ho Ming-Sho (何明修), and others.


  • Diamond Drain Cover 鑽石水溝蓋. Vol 2. Diamond Drain Cover Editorial Board, Taichung (2015). Print. 

    Independent publication produced in Taichung. Vol. 2, produced in October 2015, coincided with the 2015 Ministry of Education occupation and features content concerning the movement and issues regarding education in Taiwan.


  • Duikangzhe 對抗者. 2018. Documentary film.

    Documentary film showing the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan‘s viewpoint of the Sunflower Movement. Consisting entirely of found footage from the first night of the initial 318 occupation, the film is a highly unfiltered look into the action that night from the perspective o the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan.  


  • Gongmin xingdong yingyin jilu ziliao ku 公民行動影音紀錄資料庫. Gongmin bu lengxue: Xin shiji taiwan gongmin shijian bu 公民不冷血:新世紀台灣公民行動事件簿. Edited by Guan Zhongxiang 管中祥. UnderTable Press 紅桌文化 (2015). Print.

    Glosses of different social movements in Taiwan in recent years, regarding land struggles, the environment, racial issues, gender/sexuality, and others.


  • Gongzuo shanghai shouhai ren xiehui 工作傷害受害人協會 and Yuan taiwan meiguo wuxian gongsi yuangong guanhuai xiehui 原台灣美國無線公司員工關懷協會. Jujue bei yiwang de shengyin: RCA gong shang koushu shi 拒絕被遺忘的聲音:RCA工殤口述史. Editions du Flaneur 行人, Taipei (2013). Print.

    Oral history by RCA factory victims, with accounts of the RCA struggle.


  • He Jung-Hsing 何榮幸. Xue yun shidai: Cong ye baihe dao taiyang hua 學運世代:從野百合到太陽花. Reading Times 時報出版, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Reflections on contemporary student movements from Wild Lily participants, including Taichung mayor Lin Chia-Lung (林佳龍), Tuan Yi-Kang (段宜康) of the DPP, Zhou Yicheng (周奕成), and others, bringing them into dialogue with members of the Sunflower generation such as Chen Wei-Ting (陳為廷) and others.


  • Ho Ming-Sho 何明修. Challenging Beijing’s Mandate from Heaven: Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. Forthcoming. Print.

    The first full length English-language academic monograph with a full account of the Sunflower Movement, as well as detailed analysis on the Sunflower Movement. Many of the interview subjects of Challenging Beijing’s Mandate overlap with those interviewed for the Daybreak Project. Thanks again to Dr. Ho for sharing the text ahead of time.


  • Ian Rowen. “Inside Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement: Twenty-Four Days in a Student-Occupied Parliament, and the Future of the Region” in The Journal of Asian Studies. Volume 74, Issue 1 February 2015 , P. 5-21.

    The first English-language academic account of the Sunflower Movement and the most widely cited academic source on the movement to date, written by geography scholar Ian Rowen, who was inside the Legislative Yuan for the duration of the occupation.


  • Hong Hong 鴻鴻. Baomin zhi ge 暴民之歌. Dark Eyes Limited 黑眼睛文化 (Taipei), 2015. Print.

    Book of poetry inspired by the Sunflower Movement and other social movements. Hong Hong was present inside the Legislative Yuan during the movement.


  • Huang Konglong. 黃恐龍. Yesheng de taiyang hua 野生的太陽花. Yushan she 玉山社, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Book written about artistic production in the Sunflower Movement, including classification of artworks by theme and documentation. The “Rioter’s Dictionary” owes much to this book in terms of featured artworks.


  • Huang Ziqin 黃子欽, Zhu Youxun 朱宥勳, Sheng Haowei 盛浩偉, Lin Youxuan 林佑軒, Xiong Yiping 熊一蘋, Yin Ka 印卡, Jiang Peijin 江佩津, Liu Zhiyu 劉芷妤, Li Pingyao 李屏瑤. Baomin hua bao: Daoguo qingnian julebu 暴民画報:島國青年俱樂部. Jianxing 健行, Taipei (2014). Print.

    A number of takes on the Sunflower Movement, some academic, some personal or literary, including an essay from literary scholar Zhu Youxun. Includes art prints from the Sunflower Movement.


  • Jiang Yuda 江育達 and Wu Zhiliang 吳致良. Nongcun wuzhuang qingnian he tamen de pengyou 農村武裝青年和他們的朋友. UnderTable Press 紅桌文化, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Describes the rural movement among young people, whether with regard to land struggles or young people returning to the rural countryside and attempting to community, with particular focus on young people’s cultural activities in the countryside.


  • Jianmin kanwu bianji xiaozu 賤民刊物編輯小組. Jianmin jiefangqu 2014-2015: 318 Zhanling yundong yiji qi hou賤民解放區2014-2015:318佔領運動以及其後. Jianmin Jiefangqu 賤民解放區, Taipei (2016). Print.

    Exploration of the Untouchables’ Liberation Area’s activities and motivations, as well as personal accounts, written by they themselves. Contains a number of primary source documents and pictures. Was crowdfunded by the Untouchables’ Liberation Area.


  • Jidu tu bu fucong 基督徒不服從. Ed. Guan Zhongxiang 管中祥. PCT Press 台灣教會公報社, Tainan (2017). Print.

    A number of Christian takes on the participation in contemporary Taiwanese social movements, including views of labor struggles from noted labor activist Lu Qihong (盧其宏), views of LGBTQ issues, indigenous issues, and internal divides between older and younger generations of Christians in social movements.


  • Jietou 街頭. Dir. Chiang Wei-hua 江偉華. 2018. Documentary film.


  • Jietou shoumen ren: Taida xinwen E luntan fan heixiang fu mao yundong baodao jishi 街頭守門人:台大新聞E論壇反黑箱服貿運動報導紀實. Acropolis Publishing 衛城出版, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Volume written by members of NewsEForum, not only detailing their own activities, but with their personal accounts of their experiences and motivations. The book was crowdfunded by members of NewsEForum after the end of the Sunflower Movement.


  • Kou Yanding 寇延丁. Diren shi zenyang lian cheng de: Meiyou quanli chenmo de zhongguo ren 敵人是怎樣煉成的:沒有權利沉默的中國人. Reading Times 時報出版, Taipei (2016). Print.

    Chinese activist Kou Yanding’s (寇延丁) personal account of her experiences, including arrest in China for organizing a workshop in Taiwan on how Chinese activists could learn from non-violent resistance during the Sunflower Movement. Kou became involved in activism after the 2008 Szehcuan earthquake and sought to build ties between Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China from 2012 onwards, later coming to Taiwan in 2016.


  • Law and Politics of the Taiwan Sunflower and Hong Kong Umbrella Movements. Edited by Brian Christopher Jones. Routledge, New York (2017). Print.

    Academic monograph on views of politics and the law in Taiwan and Hong Kong during the Sunflower and Umbrella Movements. 


  • Le sheng liaoyangyuan koushu lishi xiaozu 樂生療養院口述歷史小組. Le sheng: Ding po jiao yisiwu hao de renmen 樂生:頂坡角一四五號的人們. Le sheng liaoyangyuan koushu lishi xiaozu 樂生療養院口述歷史小組, Taipei (2011). Print.

    Oral history of the Losheng Sanatorium, compiled by individuals who later became members of the Untouchables’ Liberation Area.


  • Lee Teng-hui, Wu Rwei-ren, Lee Shiao-feng, George Sung, Strong C. Chuang, Tsay Ting-kuei (Aquia), Marie Lin, Tu Kuo-ch’ing, Jolan Hsieh, Peng Ming-min, Wu Rwei-ren, Chen Yi-shen, Andrew C. Chang, Jay Tsu-yi Loo, Joseph C. C. Kuo, Wong Ming-hsien, Annette Lu Hsiu-lien, Michael M. Tsai, Wu Rong-i, Pochih Chen, Frank S. T. Hsiao, C. Eugene Yeh, Chi Gou-chung, Chang Chang-yi David. Eds. Shyu-tu Lee and Jack F. Williams. Taiwan’s Struggle: Voices of the Taiwanese. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publisher (2014). Print.

    Book of English essays written by many notable Taiwanese, including former president Lee Teng-Hui, former DPP presidential candidate Peng Ming-Min, former vice president Annette Lu, Tsay Ting-Kuei, and others. Oftentimes confused for a book written in the wake of the Sunflower Movement as a reaction to it, due to a 2016 reissue, the book was actually originally published in February 2014, one month before the Sunflower Movement broke out. However, this close timing still makes it a valuable look into perspectives immediately prior to the advent of the Sunflower Movement. 


  • Liang Jiayu 梁家瑜. Qichu, shi heiye 起初,是黑夜. Lordway Publishing Company 主流出版社, Taipei (2017). Taipei. Print.

    Christian take on the Sunflower Movement by the author, largely consisting of personal reflections and meditation on the movement.


  • Lin Huijin 林暉鈞. Geming de zuofa: Cong 318 taiyang hua kan gongmin yundong de chuangzaoxing 革命的做法:從318太陽花看公民運動的創造性. Psygarden 心靈工坊, Taipei (2015). Taipei. Print.

    Academic take on the Sunflower Movement, with focus in particular on comparisons to other occupation-style movements internationally in recent years.


  • Liu Hwa-jen. Leverage of the Weak: Labor and Environmental Movements in Taiwan and South Korea. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis (2015). Print.

    Comparison of the labor and environmental movements in Taiwan and South Korea.


  • Mo zhe gongzuo shi 墨者工作室, Zhang Shenghan 張勝涵, Huang shouda 黃守達, Yu Chongren 余崇任. Lu she zhi chun: Xue yun qingnian shouce 魯蛇之春:學運青年戰鬥手冊. The Libratory 公共冊所, Taipei (2014). Print.

    A sort of “how-to guide” for social movements in Taiwan. Allows for insight into activist tactics in recent social movements. Was originally published out of a five-day camp for training activists in January 2014 called Amateur Riot (素人之亂), named after the Japanese radical left subcultural group based out of Koenji (高円寺) in Tokyo of the same name. 


  • One More Story 公民聲音團隊. Na shi wo zai: Gongmin shengyin 318-410 那時 我在:公民聲音318-410. Wuxian chuban 無限出版, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Collection of personal narratives from participants during the Sunflower Movement, including from Lin Fei-Fan (林飛帆).


  • Pan min chengshi: Taipei anhei lu zhi 叛民城市:臺北暗黑旅誌. Edited by Wang Zhihong 王志弘. The Libratory 公共冊所, Taipei (2015). Print.

    Guide to historic protest locations in Taipei, written as an alternative tourist guide to the city.


  • Public Intellectual 公共知識份子. Issue 7, July 2014. Public Intellectuals Publishing 公共知識份子出版社, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Issue of the journal Public Intellectual devoted to the Sunflower Movement, with academic examinations on the movement just a few months after the end of the occupation. Includes an essay by Tiananmen Square veteran Wang Dan (王丹).


  • Renmin de shengyin: CCC chuangzuo ji 19 人民的聲音:CCC創作集19. Gaea Books, Taipei (2017). Print.

    A series of Japanese manga-style comics reflecting on social movements and the Sunflower Movement. Comes out of the government-funded CCC initiative to encourage young Taiwanese artists to produce works about Taiwanese history, which includes a number of Taiwanese comic-style takes on different periods in Taiwanese history, and has over twenty volumes to date, with plans for more to be published in the near future.


  • Simona A. Grano. Environmental Governance in Taiwan: A New Generation of Activists and Stakeholders. Routledge, New York (2015). Print.

    Academic monograph on the Taiwanese environmental movement in recent years, including regarding the Anti-Kuokuang Movement.


  • Sixiang bianji weiyuanhui. Taiyang hua zhihou (Reflexion 27) 太陽花之後(思想27). Lian jing chuban gongsi 聯經出版公司, Taipei (2014). Print.

    Issue of the journal Reflexion devoted to the Sunflower Movement. Includes an essay by Lucifer Hung from a pro-unification Left perspective against the Sunflower Movement.


  • Sunflower Occupation 太陽 ‧ 不遠. Dir. Fu Yu 傅榆, Wang Pei-fun 王佩芬, Chen Yu-qing 陳育青, Cai Chong-long 蔡崇隆, Cai Jing-ru 蔡靜茹, Huang Zhao-hui 黃兆徽, Li Chia Hua 李家驊, Kevin H.J. Lee 李惠仁. 2015. Tai Sheng 台聖. Documentary film.

    Documentary film made out of the footage collected by multiple documentary film directors recording during the Legislative Yuan occupation


  • Sunflower Movement, New Citizenry, and New Media 我是公民也是媒體:太陽花與新媒體實踐. Edited by Chen-Ling Hung 洪貞玲. Locus Publishing 大塊文化出版社, Taipei (2015). Print. 

    Focuses on the role new media and social media played in the Sunflower Movement, particularly regarding the role of groups such as g0v, Watchout, NewsEForum, and others.


  • Taiwan’s Social Movements Under Ma Ying-Jeou: From the Wild Strawberries to the Sunflowers. Ed. Dafydd Fell. Routledge, New York (2017). Print.

    The primary English language volume written on contemporary social movements to date, with essays from high-profile academic contributors on different social movements which led up to the Sunflower Movement.


  • Xiao Ye 小野. Zai mei yige keyi gaibian lishi de shike 在每一個可以改變歷史的時刻. Unique Route Culture 有鹿文化, Taipei (2014). Print.

    The writer Xiao Ye’s (小野) personal account of participating in the 4-5-6 Movement every week for close to one and a half years.


  • Xu Shirong 徐世榮. Tudi zhengyi: Cong tudi gaige dao tudi zhengshou, yiduan bei yangai, yizai shangyan de lishi 土地正義:從土地改革到土地徵收,一段被掩蓋、一再上演的歷史. Yuanzu wenhua 遠足文化, Taipei (2016). Print.

    Account of the longer history of land struggles in Taiwan, including relevant statistics.


  • Wan jun ni hao ma? Gei juexing xiang min de PTT jinhua shi 婉君妳好嗎?:給覺醒鄉民的PTT進化史. Ed. Huang Houming 黃厚銘. Qun xue chuban she 群學出版社 (2016). Print.

    Detailed take on PTT Internet culture, including the means by which PTT contributed to social mobilization in the Hung Chun-Hsiu incident or the Sunflower Movement.


  • Wang Ruiying. Zheli yuanben shi wo jia: Shi lin wangjia dou geng kanzheng gaobai 這裡原本是我家:士林王家都更抗爭告白. Psygarden 心靈工坊, Taipei (2015). Print.

    Personal account and documentation of the Shilin Wang family struggle, written and compiled by a member of the Wang family.


  • Wei Boren 魏伯任, Qiu Yingqi 邱瑛琦, Wang Xianru 王絃如, Lin Fengning 林峰寧, Zhang Jiawei 張家瑋, Gong Zhaoru 龔昭如, Lin Zilin 林子琳, Yang Yuanhao 楊元豪, Huang Xiaohan 黃筱涵, Guo Hongyi 郭鴻儀, Lin Jinghao 林靖豪, Chen Pinan 陳品安 Thomas Chan 詹順貴. Kangzheng: Cong jietou dao fayuan de shi ge huanjing yundong 抗爭:從街頭到法院的十個環境運動. Eds. Zhang Yuyin 張譽尹 and Li Chongxi 李崇僖. New Sharing Publishing, Taipei (2017). Print.Documentation regarding ten legal cases involving the environmental movement in Taiwan, written by the involved lawyers themselves. This includes the anti-Miramar Resort movement, as well as cases in Yunlin, Changhua, Hsinchu, Xindian, Beitou, and other locations. Although hard to understand for those who are not legal experts, provides a firsthand look into many key environmental cases in recent years from a legal standpoint, although sometimes a bit short in description.


  • What is Politics, Really? 政治工作在幹嘛?:一群年輕世代的歷險告白. Net and Books 網路與書出版, Taipei (2016). Print.

    Essays by post-Sunflower Movement activists who entered politics after the movement, including Chen Wei-Ting (陳為廷), Wei Yang (魏揚), Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔), Wu Cheng (吳崢), Zeng Po-Yu (曾柏瑜), Savungaz Valincinan, Miao Poya (苗博雅), and others.


  • Women de qingchun, zai taiwan 我們的青春,在台灣. Dir. Fu Yu 傅榆. 2018. Documentary film.


  • Wuming xiao shen s 無名小神s. Gongmin hen mang: Wuming xiao shen s bansui ke P de 484 tian 公民很忙:無名小神s伴隨柯P的484天. Green Futures Publishing 幸福綠光, Taipei (2015). Print.

    Insider account of Ko Wen-Je’s (柯文哲) campaign and attempts to capture the youth vote.


  • Yan Shannong 晏山農, Luo Huiwen 羅慧雯, Liang Qiuhong 梁秋虹, Jiang Binglun 江昺崙. Zhe bushi taiyang hua xue yun: 318 yundong quan jilu 這不是太陽花學運:318運動全記錄. Edited by the Thinking Taiwan Foundation 小英教育基金會想想論壇. Asian Culture 允晨文化, Taipei (2015). Print.

    Probably the authoritative gloss on the Sunflower Movement to date. Produced by Tsai Ing-Wen’s (蔡英文) Thinking Taiwan Foundation (小英教育基金會想想論壇), but overall very objective in nature, including both key events and background about the movement, accounts of different facets of the movement and splinter groups of the movement, personal narratives, primary source documents, as well as theoretic takes on the movement. This project owes much to this book, particularly with regards to the translations and maps of the inside of the Legislative Yuan, which are largely sourced from this book.


  • Yang Cui 楊翠. Ya bu bian de meigui: Yi wei muqin de 318 yundong shijian bu 壓不扁的玫瑰:一位母親的318運動事件簿. The Libratory 公共冊所, Taipei (2014). Print.

    The personal account of the Sunflower Movement by Yang Cui (楊翠), the historian and scholar, daughter of famed Taiwanese leftist writer Yang Kui (楊逵) and mother of Black Island Youth Front leader Wei Yang (魏揚).


  • Ye Baixiang 葉柏祥. Zhexie taiyang hua xuesheng jiao women de shi: 24 Tang jietou shang de minzhu ke 這些太陽花學生教我們的事:24堂街頭上的民主課. Fei bian she wen chuang youxian gongsi 費邊社文創有限公司, Taipei (2014). Print.

    An account of the previous few years of social movements leading up to the Sunflower Movement, with particular focus upon the political activities of students at National Tsing Hua University such as Chen Wei-Ting (陳為廷) and Wei Yang (魏揚).


  • Zhao po: Taiyang hua yundong de zhenfu, zongshen yu shi yu 照破:太陽花運動的振幅、縱深與視域. Edited by Lin Xiuxing 林秀幸. Rive Gauche Publishing House, Taipei (2016). Print.

    A number of academic takes on the Sunflower Movement, included noted scholars such as Wu Rwei-Ren (吳叡人) and Wu Jieh-Min (吳介民).


  • Zhuang Xinde, Xie Mushui, Yang Fenggang, Gong Liren, Luo Songen, Li Xiangping, She Rixin, Lu Qihong. The Mythos and Logos Of the Sunflower Movement 論太陽花的向陽性:公共神學論文集. Lordway Publishing Company 主流出版社, Taipei (2015). Print.

    Christian theological views of the Sunflower Movement. Not very informative about the movement, or Christian participation in the movement, but primary theological in nature. Contains an essay from Lu Qihong (盧其宏), a prominent labor activist and leading figure of the Untouchables’ Liberation Area, regarding Christianity and Marxism.


  • Zhou Weihang 周偉航. Ren zha wenben de zhengzhi lunli xue 人渣文本的政治倫理學. The Commercial Press 台灣商務, Taipei (2011). Print.

    Reflections on the Sunflower Movement from the standpoint of ethics and political philosophy.


Photo credit: othree/Flickr/CC